Ackermann Breakfast Box - Mailed Quarterly, Paid Yearly

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Due to COVID, the bottles in this box will be unprinted. They will be filled with the same, great tasting syrup though!

The Ackermann Breakfast Box is a quarterly subscription of fresh, handmade maple products that are mailed directly to your door. Members will also receive pancake mix, an Ackermann Maple Farm t-shirt, birthday gift card, free holiday gift, monthly recipe cards, and 10% off all online orders. This will automatically renew but we will put a reminder in the last box to make sure you want to do it for another year!

**Don't forget - anyone who refers your name and signs up for a year will earn you $10 off your next subscription! This offer is unlimited. Sign up 100 people and we'll send you a check for $1,000!**

 Each box includes:
500ml 100% pure Vermont maple syrup (your choice of grade)
8 oz barrel aged or infused maple syrup (your choice of flavor)
Half pound of maple cream (dairy free)
Pancake mix (gluten free option available)
Then once a year you'll receive:
5.6 oz maple sugar
6 maple candies (divided between 2 months)
A birthday gift card
A free holiday gift
Members also get 10% off online orders!
We would love to be able to teach others how to use our delicious maple syrup on more than just waffles and pancakes, and our goal is to bring families together for meals in the tastiest of ways.