Coffee Infused Vermont Maple Syrup

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500 ml Coffee Infused Maple Syrup 

Most Vermonters put syrup in their coffee, so we figured why not try putting coffee in our syrup? We have partnered with Borealis Coffee Roasters to create an amazing tasting syrup, giving you just a little extra caffeine boost in the morning. We add medium roast coffee to our pure maple syrup, and it can be enjoyed as the perfect addition to ice cream, yogurt or french toast. Don't want to waste the beans? We suggest roasting the syrup soaked beans at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes, and then coating them in chocolate. Store them in the freezer for a quick pick-me-up! 


Our 100% pure Vermont maple syrup is simply maple sap that we've boiled until it reaches its thick, sweet, syrupy consistency. We bottle in glass bottles to better preserve the syrup, and to show off its natural beauty. Plus no chemicals from plastic leach into our syrup when it goes in hot.

Did you know that it takes 43 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of maple syrup?

We use maple syrup for everything! We use it as a sweetener in tea and coffee, on vanilla ice cream, in oatmeal, yogurt, even to marinate meats and make salad dressings. Check out our recipes for more ideas!