Get To Know Your Local Sugar Makers

Ackermann Maple Farm knows that quality syrup is crafted from Vermont's sugar maples.  In the fall of 2012, Ian and Caitlin Ackermann enlisted the help of their family and friends to construct the sugar shack using wood sustainably harvested and milled by Ian himself. There, the sap that flows from just over 6,400 trees is heated using a natural wood fire, evaporating the water from the sap and drawing out the pronounced natural maple flavor Vermont is known for. Since the ages of 20 and 24, they have worked to promote Ackermann Maple Farm.

The syrup is bottled and sealed in glass containers by Caitlin and Ian themselves so that they can assess and assure the quality of each bottle shipped. Glass containers are better for the environment and better preserve the syrup than their plastic counterpart for an increased shelf life.

In the non-sugaring seasons, the wooden hillside is home to many types of wildlife, undisturbed by the sugaring operation. Ian and Caitlin are passionate about maintaining the natural resource, so they do not alter the land other than to tap trees and run the collection tubing. There are no harmful side effects to the trees from collecting the sap.

Ian and Caitlin both grew up in Cabot, Vermont, amongst dairy farmers and close to the renowned cheese company. In late 2012, Ian and Caitlin purchased the 26.5 acres that would become Ackermann Maple Farm and constructed their business. Over the past decade they've grown to 10,000 maple trees on 148 acres. The tapping, sap collection, boiling, filtering, bottling, shipping, and ensuring the finest quality is all done by Ian and Caitlin. Keep an eye out for them at your local farmer's market in Massachusetts and Florida.