Get to know the basics about syrup


Q: How should I store my pure Vermont Syrup and how long does it last?

A: Vermont pure maple syrup has a very long shelf life. Unopened it can be stored for up to a year in a cool, dark area. Once opened, we recommend that it be stored in the refrigerator. It can be kept good in the fridge for one year, and can be stored in the freezer indefinitely. Pure maple syrup will not freeze solid.


Q: What makes Ackermann Maple Syrup Pure?

A: Ackermann Maple Syrup is 100% pure maple syrup and that means that there are no substitutes, additives, or thickening agents like other maple flavored products. Syrup substitutes are often comprised of high fructose corn syrup flavored with sotolon. We take fresh maple sap straight from the trees in Vermont, boil that down in our sugar shack and bottle it for you so you and your family have pure, natural maple syrup.


Q: Where can I buy your syrup?

A: Our syrup can be purchased online through our website, at stores in Massachusetts (check out our Stores page), or seasonally at local farmers' markets. 


Q: What else can I put syrup in or on?

A: Maple syrup is a natural sugar. Although it will always remain a breakfast staple, maple syrup is a versatile sweetener. Use it to make your own bbq sauce, in pulled pork or slow-cooked meats, cocktails, coffee and tea, baked goods, marinades and more!


Q: Do you have decorative bottles for weddings and party gifts?

A: Our glass leaf bottles would be a perfect parting gift, wedding gift, or stocking stuffer for guests of any age. Give the gift of natural sweets in a variety of sizes. Interested in something special? Send us a message and let us know your creative tastes!


Q: What is the difference in the grades?

A: Vermont State requires that all producers follow strict grading regulations. There are three grades that we offer, Grade A Golden Delicate, Grade A Amber Rich and Grade A Dark Robust. The different grades do not signify a difference in quality but rather the strength of maple flavor and color. Grade A Golden Delicate is the lightest of the syrup we offer and has a light, delicate maple flavor. As the grades change, the darkness of the syrup and the maple flavor intensity increase. Grade A Dark Robust is the darkest and strongest maple flavor syrup we offer making it ideal for cooking and flavoring other foods.


Q: How do you produce different grades from the same trees?

A: Many factors affect the coloration and taste (the two characteristics of the grades) of maple sugar. Temperature and soil moisture effect how much sugar is flowing from storage in the tree’s roots up the leaf buds. When there is a high sugar content in the sap we need to boil the sap less to achieve the correct maple syrup density. This results in a light color and maple flavor. When there is not much sugar content in the sap we need to boil the sap much longer and this concentrates the color and flavor intensity.


Q: How long does it take to make Maple Syrup?

A: Making maple syrup takes a very long time. There is a lot of work to prepare the sugar woods for collecting sap. Tubing has to be set up to allow sap to run to a centralized area, taps have to be drilled by hand into each of the 6,400 trees on the property, wood has to be collected, split and stacked for the evaporator, and then boiling and bottling also takes place. Depending on the sugar content in the sap it takes an average of 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup. At Ackermann Maple Farm we do all of the boiling on a wood fired evaporator and the boiling process takes several hours (our longest on record was 17 straight hours!). Boiling usually runs for around 6 weeks depending on the weather and starts around the beginning of March, but all the other work occurs year round.


Returns Policy and Quality Assurance:


Ackermann Farms is a two-person operation that prides itself on crafting quality maple syrup. If you notice an inconsistency, have questions or comments, or suggestions for taste improvement, we encourage you to write to us via email at ackermannmaplesyrup@gmail.com


If you are for any reason unhappy with your product, send it back to us and we’ll offer you a refund or replacement bottle. Please email us with any returns or issues with our product.